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  • Popovych, I. S.; Tsiuniak, O.; Machynska, N.; Bokshan, H.; Aleksieieva, M.; Los, O.; Sultanova, L.; Попович, І. С.; Цюняк, O.; Мачинська, Н.; Бокшань, Г.; Алєксєєва, М.; Лось, О. М.; Султанова, Л. (2020)
    The article focuses on the importance of pedagogical conditions in forming the readiness of future masters of primary education for innovations in higher education institutions. The purpose of the article is to substantiate ...
  • Popovych, I. S.; Blyskun, O.; Hulias, I.; Shcherbyna, V.; Batasheva, N.; Aleksieieva, M.; Chala, T.; Попович, І. С.; Блискун, О. А.; Гуляс, І. А.; Щербина, В. Ю.; Баташева, Н. І.; Алєксєєва, М. І.; Чала, Т. І. (2021)
    The aim is to theoretically substantiate and empirically study the psychological semantic parameters of conformism of adolescence and to establish the relationship with values. Value orientations as an important regulatory ...
  • Popovych, I. S.; Blynova, O. Ye.; Aleksieieva, M.; Nosov, P. S.; Zavatska, N.; Smyrnova, O.; Попович, І. С.; Блинова, О. Є.; Алексєєва, М. І.; Носов, П. С.; Завацька, Н. Є.; Смирнова, О. О. (2019)
    Social expectations are important regulators of vocational training of lyceums of shipbuilding vocational schools. The aim is to study the relationship of social expectations and professional training of lyceum-shipbuilders ...
  • Popovych, I. S.; Lymarenko, L.; Tereshenko, N.; Kornisheva, T.; Yevdokimova, O.; Koverznieva, A.; Aleksieieva, M.; Попович, І. С.; Лимаренко, Л.; Терешенко, Н.; Корнішева, Т.; Євдокимова, О.; Каверзнєва, А.; Алєксєєва, М. (2020)
    The purpose of the research is to determine the effectiveness of implementation and the feasibility of using training technologies in student theater. Research methodology consisted of aesthetic, artistic and theatrical, ...
  • Popovych, I. S.; Laliuk, G.; Aleksieieva, M.; Popovych, A; Bondarenko, V.; Kovtun, O.; Tsiuniak, O.; Попович, І. С.; Лялюк, Г. М.; Алексєєва, М. І.; Попович, А. О.; Бондаренко, В. А.; Ковтун, О. А.; Цюняк, О. П. (2020)
    The purpose of the article is to outline and analyze the sociocultural metrics of paradigm of orphans’ upbringing in Ukraine. The philosophical and educational methodology for the formation and development of a new paradigm ...

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